Vacuum chambers

Vacuum chambers are containers for vacuuming the interior and are the central components of sputtering, vacuum deposition equipment for Semiconductors, Liquid crystals, Organic EL.. and Medical and Pharmaceutical Sterilizers.

Our vacuum chambers

Kyoyu Seisakusho specializes in stainless steel, welding structure, non-mass production, full-tailor, medium-sized square chamber, and has many supply records in vacuum chambers.

In companies that own large machines, the production of small and medium-sized chambers of small lots in welding structures tends to be costly because the setup effort is spent extra, but our company uses the manufacturing know-how accumulated to thoroughly suppress costs. We have responded to the customer’s request.

Especially for universities and companies that have the following requirements, our vacuum chambers will be most optimum , so please contact us.

Production range

Work material Stainless steel
Joining methods Tig welding
Maximum size that can be manufactured Around 1,200 mm square
Structure Welded structure by Tig welding
Specifications ・Manufactured parts are “custom-made with all customer specifications”
・We mainly produce full orders, non-mass production, and small lots in accordance with customer specifications.
・Even during manufacturing, it is possible to respond flexibly to specification changes.
Notes From machining to welding, we produce consistently in-house.

Product examples

Vacuum Chamber

This Prototype chamber has been requested through homepage and useful in annealing process. Materials SUS304 Size W500mm x L500mm x H130mm Industry/Field Machining center,Tig welding Processing facilities Machining center, Horizontal Boring Machine, Tig welder, General-purpose Lathe with NC

Vacuum Chamber

This case is a prototype development product that has been requested through the homepage. By adding a large lathe with NC to the machining process, it is possible to correspond to the cylindrical shape Materials SUS304 Size Outer diameter:φ625 mm、Height: 500mm Industry/Field Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display manufacturing equipment Processing facilities Machining center, Horizontal Boring Machine, ...

Vacuum Chamber

The inner surface of the chamber requires a smooth finish surface, so after rubbing to minimize the step, the final buff finish is done. Material SUS304 , SUS316 Size W530mm X L420mm X H550mm Industry Medical field Processing details Machining Center, Tig Welding

Chamber for Vacuum equipment

Welding a bag-shaped water cooling pipe to the outer surface of the chamber, as well as joining the plates to each other. Material SUS304 , SUS316 Size W1000〜1200mm X L1000〜1200mm X H600mm Industry Vacuum Industry Processing details Machining Center, Tig Welding

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We can handle a wide range of services from technical consultation on product production and processing to consultation on specific estimates.

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