We can handle a wide range of things from plates to box chambers

In cooperation with the Vertical Machining Center and the Horizontal Boring Machine, we process vacuum equipment-related products. The main work materials are austenitic stainless steel (SUS304, 316, etc.) and copper (C1020, C1220), each with a suitable cutting tool.

Main machining process is as follows;

  • We can machine various O-ring grooves (flat grooves, double or single dovetail grooves, box grooves) and we can also handle non-standard dimensions.
  • To improve the degree of vacuum, after cutting the groove bottom with an end mill, the tool mark of the blade is removed by hand processing, and the finish is done on the hairline.
  • In the production of vise and clamps, we use our own special jigs to ensure dimensional accuracy for unprocessable surface cutting.
  • Deep hole machining with high dimensional accuracy requirements used for sealing surfaces and bearing inserts can accommodate hole diameters up to Φ420.

Processing using jigs and screw holes

Many of the workpieces by our company are irregular, and thus we process them using original jigs and tools manufactured in-house.

In addition, for those with a lot of workpieces, it is fixed using screw holes and machining is performed. If there are no screw holes, we have devised a smaller screw hole in the place where you plan to make a hole, and then widen the hole at the end.