What is distortion?

The metal plate that has become high-temperature by welding expands once, but shrinks when cooled and then it becomes a bowl or bow shape or twists.

Preliminary measures

  1. Fix the workpiece to the jig
  2. Apply reverse warping (anticipating the direction of bending and deflecting in the opposite direction) to the workpiece in advance

However, the above can be mitigated, but the distortion will always remain.

How to correct the distortion in our company

We use our own 100T press machine to remove distortion after welding and, if necessary, after final machining.

The effects of distortion removal

In order to cool the heat source efficiently, the flatness of the ground contact is essential.
There is also a method of carving out from the thick metal plate without removing distortion cutting the part where the distortion has occurred to obtain flatness.
In this case, there may be variations in the thickness of the water-cooled lid and the distance from the bottom of the waterway to the heat source, and it may not be able to cool evenly.
We will manufacture thin plate workpieces with minimal machining allowance by combining machine processing, welding, and distortion removal , so it becomes a cold plate with high cooling efficiency that secures flatness.