Message from the president

In the post-Corona society, companies are being questioned what do companies exist for and what they do business for. Now, we are required to have the significance of a company’s existence that is conscious of its relevance to society that is not satisfied simply by raising sales and making profits and giving it back to society as a tax.

Significance of our company’s existence is “manufacturing” that only we can do, and we will help the clients to improve performance of the equipment which they desire.”

The equipment manufactured by our customers can evolve the final product in various fields, impress the user, and enrich the life.
While, this requires improved equipment performance, but many technical issues must be solved.

As one of the solutions to this issue, the vacuum chamber, water-cooled plate and heat sink which we supply are much useful and contribute to the above.

Based on the philosophy of “Jiri-Rita” (pursuing the interests and happiness of others makes our interest and happiness), we are confident that if the customer’s problems can be solved, the performance of the equipment will be improved and the customer’s customers will be satisfied finally and also at the same time our own processed parts and technologies will evolve and as a result, we will be able to bring happiness and benefits to all the parties concerned.

Chief Excective Officer Shotaro Tsunozaki

Company overview

Location 987 Nishimatano Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Pref. 252-0812, Japan
TEL 0466-81-9177
FAX 0466-81-9196
Founding date 1973/6/1
Chief Excective Officer Shotaro Tsunozaki
Number.of Employees 15people (10 for machining and welding, 2 for QC, 3 for sales)
Business description Contract processing of industrial machine parts
Contract processing fields Vacuum thin film manufacturing related equipments, Environmental plantrelated equipments
Work materials Stailess steel, Copper etc.


Manufacture of iron flanges and shafts mainly for machining
1973 Received an order for mass production of hydraulic pump parts.
Along with this, we purchased a semi-automatic welding machine and established a new welding workplace
1982 Orders for parts processing related to high-speed press
Started to challenge high precision, multi-variety, and small lots processing
Orders for parts processing related to vacuum equipments
Started challenging stainless ,aluminum and copper processing
1983 Introduced machining center and NC lathe No. 1 to support high-precision mass production processing
1985 Establishment of welding departments and increased personnel work to support advanced stainless steel, aluminum welding and brazing
1990 Started operation of the 2nd plant in order to respond to increased orders for semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts.
1996 Introduced Machining Centers (table sizes X-2,000, Y-1,400) to cope with the size of parts
2000 Introduced the same type of Machining Center to respond to the increase in orders for LCD panel manufacturing equipment parts.
2004 Introduced a large general-purpose lathe with NC to accommodate vacuum chambers with large diameter welding structures
2005 Relocation of the 2nd plant (purchase land in front of the main plant and move equipment to the main plant and the new plant)
2007 Introduced a Horizontal Boring Machine (Toshiba Machine) to handle processing boxes such as chambers and cases.
2008 Establishment of the Quality Control Department
(previously one of the inspection workplaces as a part of the factory, but was established as an independent department to meet the quality requirements of customers)
Started operation of the factory dedicated to welding onlyby changing lay-out of the factory located in front of head office
2013 Introduction of CAD/CAM system in line with the adoption of the Manufacturing Subsidy Project
2014 Participated in ” Automotive Engineering EXPO” exhibition
2015 Participated in “Vacuum 2015”exhibition and “International Robot Exhibition”
2017 Introduced a multi-functional Machining Center with FSW function with the adoption of the Manufacturing Subsidy Project