Friction Stirring Welding
provides the highest quality cold plates that are
less likely to cause air holes or cracks at the
Highly airtight
Vacuum Chambersusing our own skilled welding technology


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Friction Stirring Welding

It is a solid-phase bonding method that utilizes frictional heat with the material while rotating the tool at high speed.

It is a method of bonding without melting the mother body, heating and softening as an individual, and further giving plastic deformation

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Airtight Welding

We perform high-precision airtight welding for skilled engineers and correction of flatness using our own press machine.

Stainless steel water-cooled jackets and chambers are used in high vacuum levels, requiring high-precision airtight welding with Tig welding

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Machinery Processing

We can manufacture a wide range of products from plates to box chambers

By linking our own machining center with Horizontal boring machine, we can handle a wide range of products.
The main work materials are austenitic stainless steel and copper.
Other materials to be discussed ,if required

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